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There's little in life that matches the joy and excitement of building a home that is specifically designed and created just for you. The joy comes in knowing that you are taking the most economical, efficient and least complicated approach to custom home building. The excitement comes in working with an award-winning design/build professional such as Farley Lozowick to make your idea of your perfect home a reality.

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ArchForm is a design/build firm located in Evergreen, Colorado. Managed and directed by Farley Lozowick, a licensed architect and general contractor. Farley has designed over 2.5 million square feet, including dozens of custom homes in the Greater Denver area.

Using the Design/Build Approach to residential construction saves time, money and avoids the problems often encountered when building a home using a separate contractor, architect and interior designer. The design/build approach provides a single source of responsibility & accountability and a direct line of communication. Colorado home builders mountain home photoIt allows for coordinating your budget with the materials and specifications so there are no unwelcome and expensive surprises to lessen the joy of watching your dream unfold.

With our extensive knowledge of construction, and on-site experience, we are able to design a home that is not only assured to come within budget, but also to harmonize with the surrounding landscape and the desires of you, the homeowner.

Throughout the entire construction phase, the project is overseen by your on-site architect and project manager, which gives the added assurance that the project is being constructed as the design intended.

Colorado custom home builders photoThere are several ways in which we like to cater to our clients' desires. One example of this is how we can contract with the homeowner. We can work either in a lump sum manner (the security of having a maximum price), or on a cost plus basis.

A cost plus scenario is for those who are very serious about obtaining the absolute best possible price by securing up to three bids per trade, then making a joint decision on each subcontractor based on their references, qualifications, insurance and performance. This enables the homeowner to get the most for their dollar.

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