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energy efficient building in New Hampshire
We're Serious About Energy Efficiency

Panelized Stick Framing
Interior and exterior walls and gables and floor systems are cut and assembled into panels and other components precut in a controlled environment and assembled on site.  This saves lumber normally damaged by rain or snow, totally eliminating 85% of wood scraps created in on-site building and reduces on site framing time by up to 80%.  Our 'stick' framed homes may use advanced insulation techniques such as spray foam or 'damp spray cellulose' for increased energy efficiency. 
SIPS Homes
The Insulspan Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) are prefabricated components with exterior sheathing on both sides and a core of insulating foam laminated together to form a monolithic building panel with extreme energy efficiency.  These panels replace typical stick, or 2x6 framing and need no additional insulation.  Our supplier's computer guided equipment cuts the panels to the exact specifications of your building plans, and they are assembled on site in a matter of days.  SIPS houses are extremely energy efficient and have been tested by Washington State University to use 60 to 70% less heat than ordinary houses.

Other Green components
Our homes may also use additional green components such as TrusJoist engineered Silent Floor I-joists, Structure Gold OSB decking, Advantech sheathing, heating equipment that is over 90% efficient, energy efficient lighting packages and many other options.  We are continually striving to learn of new products and more sustainable ways to build.

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