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When George Hansford was tapped to build the Florida Wood Council's New Florida Home, he set out to design a home that embodied easy charm, an enormous appreciation for the outdoors and a sense of gracious living.

The premise of the New Florida Home is to create a traditional Florida-style house using the latest construction materials in ways that save energy and money.

Traditional Florida homes were built for the Florida climate. Floors were above the ground to minimize pests and insure against flooding; wide overhangs and porch roofs shaded the windows to reduce the heat from the sun; the roofs were steep, to shed Florida's sometime torrential rains; and, to allow nature's natural cooling, they were designed with windows to allow cross ventilation.

For a number of reasons, raised floor construction is the best, most cost-effective option to achieve these goals.Raised floor systems can be constructed on any soil type and accommodates all design loads. Classic raised construction saves construction time and money. The pier-and-beam foundation system provides ventilation to the raised floor system, is cost competitive to build and allows for versatile home design. There's no need to bury plumbing systems, heating ducts or other cables.

Another big plus and favorite feature of raised floor construction is that it provides additional living space since houses with raised floors have a front porch and deck in the back. What's more, decking made with wood has effectively the same moisture content as the beams, forming a positive partnership to eliminate noise and reduce the transmission of sound.

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