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Lindal Cedar Home photoTransforming your dream into a working design is one of the greatest challenges of creating an original home. It's also one of the reasons people choose Lindal and Tectonics II.

Making plans means making choices--and when you're planning a Lindal original, the options are infinite. Lindal's architectural flexibility and beauty begin with our two major building systems: Cedar Frame and Solid Cedar. Our Cedar Frame system gives you a choice of three exterior looks, which run the spectrum from sleek and contemporary to rich and rustic. Whatever building system you choose, your personal design choices open up even further inside, thanks to the flexibility of Lindal's time-proven post and beam architecture.

Lindal's engineered building system is inspired by the post and beam architecture of North American masterbuilders. Rather than using conventional "stick" construction, in which the walls support the roof's weight, we use a strong framework of posts and beams, placed 5'4" on center, to carry the load.

Because Lindal's interior walls are freed from serving as structural supports, the result is an open, airy interior that allows long spans, large expanses of glass--and the design flexibility to customize any floorplan to suit your functional and aesthetic tastes. The beauty and integrity of Lindal's engineered system includes dozens of top-of-the-line construction details. What's more, we can customize your home's design to stand up to the snow, wind, and seismic conditions of your locality.

Our building materials are of fine grained Western red cedar from the Pacific Northwest. Kiln-dried, cut and planed to a radiant finish at our own sawmill, Lindal cedar is one of nature's most perfect building materials--and a daily luxury to live within.

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"The cedar woodwork lends warmth and a general spirit of welcome to our home." --Gene DiGiovanni

lindal cedar home interior photo

With its natural wonders comes a responsibility -- for every Lindal home built, we contribute to forest planting projects to ensure cedar trees for generations to come.

The magic of planning your dream really comes home in Lindal's infinite possibilities for design, style, size, floorplans and energy-efficient living in any climate or terrain. Whatever elements of style you choose, you can count on the lasting quality, craftsmanship, and value that have distinguished Lindal Cedar Homes for half a century.

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