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By Kay and Ralph Hudson

The Internet has made the relocation market one of the easiest and least expensive markets for home builders to reach. No more stiff fees to relo-agents or big dollars for advertising in national publications.

For about the cost of a couple weekend classified ads in a local newspaper, a builder can have a Web site for a year that lets him reach both local and relocating buyers.

With the United States Internet Council ( reporting 1/2 Billion online and the U.S Census Bureau estimating 40 million will move this year, Web-savvy home builders are in the best position ever to gain a larger share of the relocation market.

The Internet is not only making it easier for builders to reach the relocation market, it’s also making new homes more attractive than older homes because of the growing use of structured wiring and other home technology advancements.

Many families have home offices with one or more family members telecommuting to work or school. These families have a keen interest in new homes with modern wiring systems that can make their Internet connections faster and more reliable.

According to the latest Census Bureau statistics, every day over 4,500 households move between states. Reaching that market via the Internet is inexpensive and will help you sell more homes - but only if your Web site is designed and promoted to be found in search engines.

Simply having a Web site doesn't automatically mean you're tapping the relocation market. It takes a Web site that is designed to be 'search engine friendly', or at least have links to your site from other sites that are search engine friendly.

Search engines and industry-related directories such as American Builders Network will deliver the largest portion of your most important site traffic - NEW prospects - people that don't already know you and haven't seen your URL in print ads. They have to be able to find you when they do a search for "home builders in (your city/state)".

Whether you currently have a Web site or are just thinking about one, be sure to read the other Internet marketing articles at or call us toll-free 1-877-539-8588. ###

Kay and Ralph Hudson are the owners of American Builders Network, a marketing program and directory for established home builders. They can be reached toll-free at 1-877-539-8588 or contact us via email.

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