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by Ralph Hudson

A toll-free phone number on your Web site will increase your lead activity and more. A lead management consulting firm recently reported that up to 40% of the leads from a website were via telephone rather than an email form.

Many of the people visiting your Web site are still more comfortable picking up the telephone to contact you rather than using the e-mail form on your site. Perhaps they have printed your website page(s) and plan to contact you later, or perhaps, because of the growing spam problem, they are worried about giving their email address  and personal information. Whatever the reason, having a toll free number makes a lot of sense.

There’s also something psychologically comforting about doing business with a company that has an 800 or 888 phone number…is it they are more established, more accommodating or more willing to communicate? Remember that raising the level of comfort and confidence with your prospects is a key to selling more homes.

Granted, e-mail is more convenient and less expensive, but considering how many of your Web site visitors are relocating buyers from out of state, do you want to miss a possible lead that would have cost you well under a dime a minute? Probably not, so check with your long-distance service provider and ask about their cost for toll-free service.

Here at American Builders Network, because our toll-free charges are always over the $50 minimum per month, we pay no fee and our per minute rate is the same  as our outgoing long distance rate (about $.04 per min.).

By publishing your toll-free numbers only on your Web site or only providing it in special cases, you need not worry about it being abused. Call your phone company today.

Kay and Ralph Hudson are the owners of American Builders Network, a marketing program and directory for qualified home builders. They can be reached toll-free at 1-877-539-8588 or contact us by email.

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