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Home builder Internet advertising specialist - Kay HudsonThe goal is to increase your sales by expanding your market reach to local and relocating buyers at a reasonable cost.

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A. Your Member Page
Your Traffic
C. Your Leads

D. Making Changes
F. Withdrawing from the Program

G. What's New?

A. Your Member page

At the heart of the American Builders Network program are the Member pages we create and maintain for each participating builder.

Your Member page gives buyers enough information about your company and homes so they can quickly determine if you're a likely candidate to build their home.

Although you probably have your own Web site, your Member page at AmericanBuilders.com is a gateway for NEW prospects, i.e. people that don't already know you.

Your Member page makes it easy & convenient for home buyers to contact you...  from the contact form, by phone or by clicking through to your company's web site, if linked.

Custom Builders & Remodelers! If you offer remodeling services, be sure to take advantage of the American Builders Network Remodelers program. Ask us about it!

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B. Your Traffic

Your Member page begins getting visitors after we link it to our City and/or County pages for your market area.

The link from your Member page to your Company Website not only sends you valuable traffic but also the search engines acknowledge the link, improving your own search engine ranking.

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C. Your Leads

The leads you receive are ‘member-specific’. We won't send you an inquiry that is not specifically requested from your Member page, nor will we send the leads you receive to any other builder or Realtor.

Your email leads can be sent to you in a format compatible with any customer-contact program you may be using.

The information request form on your web-ad is customized to get the information you're looking for.

All of your American Builders Network leads are maintained in a database. You may request those records at any time.

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D. Making Changes
Maintaining your Member page is our top priority. We are happy to make changes and updates when you want them at no additional charge. Simply e-mail, fax or call with the changes you would like to make.

The easiest way to make simple text changes on your Member page is to print the page(s) you want to change, then note the changes on the printed copy and fax it to us at 407-628-8207. Changes are made promptly.

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E. Invoicing
We mail invoices quarterly. Your first invoice is sent after you have approved your Member page and it has been linked to the appropriate Network 'city' page(s). You may also request annual or semi-annual invoicing.

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F. Withdrawing from the Program
There is no long-term obligation or contract to participate in American Builders Network. If you wish to withdraw from the program, just call or e-mail us.

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