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An Introduction to the American Builders Network.

American Builders Network was built on the idea that a large website featuring many well-established home builders from all parts of the United States would attract the attention of both home buyers and search engines. Turns out, that was a really good idea. Home buyers find top industry pros to work with and great builders sell more homes.

Members of the American Builders Network find these to be some of the advantages they enjoy:

  • Being found online by home buyers
    With 86% of home buyers turning to the Internet to begin their research, it pays to be easy to find online. 80% of our traffic comes from the major search engines.

     How do we do that?

    > We provide a lot of current, geographically-specific, building industry-relevant content. AmericanBuilders.com is over 2000 pages strong, focuses entirely on home builders, custom builders and home building in specific cities/states. And that's how home buyers find our builders when they're searching for builders.

    > Every builder member has their own "Member page."
    In a medium where "Content is king," the American Builders program provides valuable information to home buyers about you and your homes.

    > We've been online since 1996. That matters. It demonstrates to the search engines - and to individuals -  that AmericanBuilders.com is a trusted consumer resource.

  • Making more sales
    Buyers that contact you from American Builders Network have been to your Member page, liked what they saw, and put you on their 'short-list'. Your leads are not shared with or sent to other member builders or Realtors.

  • Your custom Member page is a workhorse for your company
    From your Member page, visitors will learn about your company. From that Member page they can send you an email, pick up the phone & call or, optionally, link over to your company web site. The visitors & search engines that link over to your company web site are extra valuable visitors indeed!

  • Budget Friendly
    Membership fees start at $50, which include creating your custom Member page on AmericanBuilders.com. This low cost gives you a higher return on your marketing dollars compared to radio, TV, newspapers or other Internet marketing programs.

  • No Long-term Obligation
    There is no contract or long-term obligation to participate in American Builders Network. We invoice quarterly so that's the extent of your commitment. Speaking of invoicing, we don't send your first invoice until your Member page is up and going. Normally you'll get leads before you get your first invoice.

  • A Strong Association
    All member companies have been in business for at least 5 years, all are properly licensed.  Many are award-winning builders. They are professionals and we are proud to be associated with them.

  • Easy Administration
    We invite you to review our Members' Manual. You'll find how easy it is to administer American Builders Network..

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