Photography by James Maidho

Dear Robert, Just want you to know how thrilled we are with our new home - we are so comfortable there and I know we have you to thank for listening to my ramblings and grandiose ideas and hunches, then translating them all into workable, livable, non-budget breaking solutions.  Of all the decisions we made over that 2 year period - we know the most important was choosing you and having the opportunity to enjoy your guidance from start to finish. Thanks, Sandy Johnson

"What I appreciate most about working with a builder like Robert Montgomery is that he loves our house as much as we do."

Bernie Papin

We know now that our decision to contract Robert Montgomery Homes, Inc. as our builder was the right one to make.  We were amazed at the personal attention Robert paid to our project.  It was easy to see he knew how important it was to us. His training as an architect gave him the knowledge to beautifully blend modern construction techniques with authentic, historical details of decor.  We're convinced that we found the equation to successful home design:

Robert Montgomery Homes = Quality/Integrity!

Susan Bubb

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